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Spelling City: I got a class membership for Spellingcity.com which is online. Here are the student logins that they can use from home. I added the lesson 3 lists. The workbook list is for the students that are completing the workbook with Mr. Cope. The Canadian Spelling list are for the students who are working in the duotangs with Ms. Jaclyn. I added another workbook list that also contains the extra challenge words.

Homework for June 21st

Math: Chapter 14 Lesson 3 and 5 completed Activity in class.

Spelling: The students will be doing lesson 36 in their workbooks, but no test.

Week of June 18th

Math: We will be doing Unit 14 on Transformational Geometry during our Math periods this week.

Chapter 14 Lesson 1 completed Activity in class.
Chapter 14 Lesson 2 and 4 completed Activities in class.
Chapter 14 Lesson 3 and 5 completed Activity in class.

Students should also be working on learning their multiplication tables. There are websites like mathplayground.com, Prodigy, and multiplication.com that allow students to practice math skills in a fun manner online.

The following Link takes students to the Nelson website where they can practice questions that go with the homework.


Science: We will continue working on our final unit on Pulley's and Gears. This week we will continue working with Gears.

Spelling: Lesson 36 in the workbook. No Test

Literacy: We will be completing some literacy activities.

Novel Study: We will be reading a short story and answering questions.

Social Studies: Our final test will be on Thursday, June 14th. It will be on continents and Oceans, provinces and capital cities of Canada, and regions of Canada. We have been preparing in class. Wednesday's class will be set aside for test preparation as well.